NTDS Util Command (ntdsutil.exe)

NTDS Util Command (ntdsutil.exe)

Tasks that can be accomplished:

Perform a variety of DIT maintenance functions, such as checking DIT file integrity and semantics, perform a soft recovery, perform restores, view FSMO role holders, manages LDAP query policies, find and remove duplicate SIDs, clean-up metadata from a failed domain controller, and set the DS Restore mode administrator password

Type of tool:

Command line

Where to find it:

%SystemRoot%\System32 on Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2003

Recipes in which it is used:

Recipe 2.5, Recipe 2.6, Recipe 2.24, Recipe 3.6, Recipe 3.26, Recipe 3.27, Recipe 4.16, Recipe 4.23, Recipe 14.4, Recipe 16.3, Recipe 16.5, Recipe 16.6, Recipe 16.7, Recipe 16.8, Recipe 16.9, Recipe 16.12, Recipe 16.15, Recipe 17.1, Recipe 17.3, Recipe 17.4, Recipe 17.8

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