Chapter 10. Schema


    Recipe 10.1.  Registering the Active Directory Schema MMC Snap-in

    Recipe 10.2.  Enabling Schema Updates

    Recipe 10.3.  Generating an OID to Use for a New Class or Attribute

    Recipe 10.4.  Generating a GUID to Use for a New Class or Attribute

    Recipe 10.5.  Extending the Schema

    Recipe 10.6.  Documenting Schema Extensions

    Recipe 10.7.  Adding a New Attribute

    Recipe 10.8.  Viewing an Attribute

    Recipe 10.9.  Adding a New Class

    Recipe 10.10.  Viewing a Class

    Recipe 10.11.  Indexing an Attribute

    Recipe 10.12.  Modifying the Attributes That Are Copied When Duplicating a User

    Recipe 10.13.  Modifying the Attributes Included with Ambiguous Name Resolution

    Recipe 10.14.  Adding or Removing an Attribute in the Global Catalog

    Recipe 10.15.  Finding the Nonreplicated and Constructed Attributes

    Recipe 10.16.  Finding the Linked Attributes

    Recipe 10.17.  Finding the Structural, Auxiliary, Abstract, and 88 Classes

    Recipe 10.18.  Finding the Mandatory and Optional Attributes of a Class

    Recipe 10.19.  Modifying the Default Security of a Class

    Recipe 10.20.  Deactivating Classes and Attributes

    Recipe 10.21.  Redefining Classes and Attributes

    Recipe 10.22.  Reloading the Schema Cache

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