labels, moving in table header row, 297

landscape page layout, creating for Employee Evaluation Report, 327

Language global value, description of, 252

layout areas, report objects for, 516–517

layouts. See report layouts

left angle bracket (<), significance in RDL, 284

LEFT OUTER JOIN clauses, using with SELECT statements, 101, 107–109

left outer joins, using with databases, 85–86

legends in charts

displaying, 220

location of, 205–206

setting properties for, 219

using, 215

License Mode screen, displaying for full and server installations, 55–56

LineColor property, description of, 228


adding to Nametags Report, 226

adding to Repair Count by Type Report,

195, 197

characteristics of, 521

linked reports. See also Report Wizard; reports

advantages of, 511

creating, 429–432

identifying, 431

overview of, 428

linking tables, purpose of, 81–82

LinkTarget URL parameter, values for and function for, 479

List element in RDL, structure of, 608

List item

explanation of, 187

placing on Repair Count by Type Report, 192–197

list properties, modifying in PlaceCards Report, 230–231

list reports, creating, 187–197

List view, displaying for Chapter 06 folder, 390

ListChildren command parameter, description of, 476


adding to Payroll Checks Report, 315–317

characteristics of, 518

local administrator privileges, overview of, 413–414

local system account, significance of, 43

log files, types of, 488

login accounts

creating, 507

installation considerations for, 43–44

protecting, 121

and rights, 64

logon pages, compiling and deploying for custom security, 502

LogonUser method of AuthenticationExtension class, description of, 496–497

LongDescription field, modifying in Rate Sheet Report, 240

Lost Delivery Report

adding calculated column to matrix for, 306–308

adding totals to matrix for, 308–309

creating, 304–306

overview of, 304

previewing, 307–308, 310

report layout for, 307, 310

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