Weather Report

creating, 322–324

creating code access group for, 399

enabling caching for, 438–442

enabling execution snapshots for, 443–444

overview of, 321–322

previewing, 323–324

uploading with Report Manager, 404–405

using security classes with, 400

WeatherInfo assembly, using with Weather Report, 323

WeatherInfo.dll file

location of, 398

running, 401–404

web archive presentation format

features not supported by, 359–361

features supported by, 359

guidelines for use of, 361

overview of, 359

viewing files in, 359

web farm installation, 29–30

description of, 33–35

performing, 61–63

web references, creating for ReportingService web service, 554

web service login account for Windows, significance of, 44

web services

accessing, 480–484

delivering reports through, 20, 380

managing Reporting Services with, 484

Week drop-down list, using in Overtime Report, 283

WeekGroup group name, creating, 257

WeekNumber parameter, modifying properties of, 318–319

WeekNumbers dataset, creating, 315

Welcome to Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services Setup screen

full and server installations, 47

Report Designer installation, 59

WHERE clauses

Fuel Prices chart version 2, 209

Parameterized Invoice-Batch Number Report, 153–155

SELECT statements, 102–105

Windows Explorer

using with report template, 252–253

viewing export files in, 350

Windows groups, making role assignments with, 426–427

Windows Integrated security. See also custom security; inherited security; security

changing back to, 508–509

vs. custom security, 491

using with Report Manager, 393–394.

Windows Picture and Fax Viewer, using with TIFF documents, 353–354

windows, resizing, 152

Windows Security, integration with, 413

World Wide Web Publishing IIS service, troubleshooting during installation, 64

WritingMode property, using with PlaceCards Report, 234

Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services
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