I Need More Help

I Need More Help!

Way back in the introduction to the book, I gave you a list of places that you might look to for help, some online and others in the community. As it turns out, your desktop has a very handy and fairly impressive collection of help, right at your fingertips.

The GNOME documentation browser, or Help Center, if you prefer (command name yelp) is something you've probably already guessed at. Look at your top panel and click the System menu where you'll find a submenu for Help. The documentation browser is labeled System Documentation. To start the program, click the icon. When the documentation browser opens, you'll see something similar to Figure 3-17.

Figure 3-17. The GNOME documentation browser (Help Center).

The documentation browser is very much like a Web browser with left and right arrow keys for navigation and a quick return Help Topics button that takes you back to the start. The documentation browser provides online help for basic individual applications, a command reference (manual pages), as well as some tutorials. Just click the links to go to highlighted sections, or click the forward and back arrows to navigate the documents.

Moving to Ubuntu Linux
Moving to Ubuntu Linux
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