An Easy Start

Start by opening a Linux shell. You can start KDE's Konsole by clicking on the terminal icon in the Kicker panel or by running konsole from your <Alt+F2> quickstart.

Trivia time


There are many ways to start a shell with your system. Other terminal programs include xterm, rxvt, and eterm, just to name a few. Konsole just happens to be KDE's terminal application.

From the shell prompt, why not try entering each of the following commands? Notice what they do.

A few simple commands


Date and time.


Show me how much free space my disks have


Who is logged onto the system?


Similar to who but with different information.


Show me a calendar


Identify your workstation.


Hello, ello, llo, lo, o, o, o . . . .

Try typing: echo "Hello world."


Who last logged in and are they still logged in?

You may need root access for this one.

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