Printing Your Masterpiece

You've created a masterpiece. You are infinitely proud of it, and you want to share it with your friends, who, alas, are not connected to the Internet. It's time to print your image and send it to them the old-fashioned, snail-mail way.

Okay, perhaps you aren't feeling quite that sharing, but there are times when you'll want to print the results of your work. Simply right-click on your image, move your mouse over to the File menu, and select Print. A printing dialog box will appear (Figure 16-18), from which you can specify a number of print options, including, of course, which printer you would like to use.

Figure 16-18. Time to print your masterpiece.


Quick Tip


Some distributions include the GIMP's printing functionality as a separate package, perhaps because images are usually imported into other applications, such as word processors. That package is called gimpprint and may have to be installed separately.

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