Just a few years ago, the only way to access the Internet and the Web was by using wireline desktop and laptop computers. Today, however, users are traveling between corporate offices and customer sites, and there is a great need to access the Internet through wireless devices. The wireless revolution started with wireless phones and continued with Web phones and wireless handheld devices that can access the Internet. Many nations and corporations are making enormous efforts to establish a wireless infrastructure, including declaring new wireless spectrum, building new towers, and inventing new handheld devices, high-speed chips, and protocols.

The purpose of the Handbook of Wireless Internet is to provide a comprehensive reference on advanced topics in this field. The Handbook is intended both for researchers and practitioners in the field, and for scientists and engineers involved in the design and development of the wireless Internet and its applications. The Handbook can also be used as the textbook for graduate courses in the area of the wireless Internet.

This Handbook is comprised of 24 chapters that cover various aspects of wireless technologies, networks, architectures, and applications. Part I, Basic Concepts, introduces fundamental wireless concepts and techniques, including various generations of wireless systems, security aspects of wireless Internet, and current industry trends.

Part II, Technologies and Standards, covers multimedia and video streaming over the wireless Internet, voice service over the wireless Internet, and wireless standards such as IEEE 802.11 (for wireless LANs) and Wireless Application Protocol.

Part III, Networks and Architectures, consists of chapters dealing with issues such as user mobility in IP networks, location-prediction techniques, wireless local access techniques, multiantenna technology, Bluetooth-based wireless systems, ad hoc networks, and others.

Part IV, Applications, includes chapters describing typical applications enabled by wireless Internet, including M-commerce, telemedicine, delivering music, and others.

We would like to thank the authors, who are experts in the field, for their contributions of individual chapters to the Handbook. Without their expertise and effort, this handbook would never have come to fruition. CRC Press editors and staff also deserve our sincere recognition for their support throughout the project.

Borko Furht and Mohammad Ilyas
Boca Raton, Florida

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