Understanding The Board And Card Game Industry: A Guide F Or Inventors

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To the game designer entirely focused on gameplay and production, the business aspects of publishing games may seem a confusing cutthroat environment, best left to producers and executives. But as in all things, knowledge is power, and the more you know and understand about the industry you work in, the better-equipped you will be to deal with the ups and downs of getting your original game ideas produced and published.

Creative people should not shy away from understanding the issues presented in this chapter. Understanding the needs and goals of all the parties involved in the publishing process, from the executives at the publishing company, to the representatives of the console makers, to the salespeople at the retail outlet will help you make better decisions and will pay off over and over again in your career.

Think of yourself as a creative businessperson, as well as a game designer, and educate yourself at every opportunity about the industry. Read marketing research, ask questions about contracts, understand the deal structure for your game, and treat each opportunity to deal with the business aspects of the industry as a chance to learn and expand your skills. The respect you show for this process will improve your relationships with the businesspeople involved in your game, and make you a better designer in turn.

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