Chapter 15: Working with Slide Text

Page 340

To create a text label

  1. On the Drawing toolbar, click the Text Box button, and position the pointer where you want to place the text label.

  2. Click the slide.


To create a word processing box

  1. On the Drawing toolbar, click the Text Box button.

  2. Position the upside-down T-pointer where you want the word processing box to appear, and then drag the pointer to create a box that is roughly the size you want.

  3. Release the mouse button.


To adjust a text object to fit the size of the text

  1. On the Format menu, click Placeholder .

  2. Click the Text Box tab to display text spacing and alignment options.

  3. Select the Resize AutoShape to fit text check box, and then click OK .


To change paragraph spacing

  • On the Formatting toolbar, click the Increase Paragraph Spacing button or the Decrease Paragraph Spacing button.


To check the style of a document

  1. On the Tools menu, click Options .

  2. Click the Spelling and Style tab to display a list of options.

  3. Select the Check style check box, and then click Style Options .

  4. Select the options that you want and click OK .

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