Creating a Presentation Based on Content

 Microsoft Office Specialist    When you want to create a new presentation, the AutoContent Wizard can save you time by helping you organize and write the presentation s text. The wizard takes you through a step-by-step process, prompting you for presentation information, including the general topic of the presentation you want to give, the way you will deliver it, and the content for the title slide , which is the first slide in the presentation. When you finish, the wizard provides a suggested outline that you can modify.

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Choosing the Best Method to Start a Presentation

The New Presentation task pane provides four options for creating a new presentation:

  • Click Blank presentation if you have content ready and a design in mind. After you click this option, the Slide Layout task pane appears with predesigned slide layouts from which you can choose a layout suitable for the slide you want to create.

  • Click From design template if you have content ready but need help with the look of the presentation. Each template provides predefined slide colors and text styles from which you can choose. After you click this option, the Slide Design task pane appears, in which you can choose a template.

  • Click From AutoContent wizard if you need help with both the presentation s content and its look. The AutoContent Wizard prompts you for a presentation title and information about the presentation and lets you choose a presentation style and type. PowerPoint then provides a basic outline to help you organize the content into a professional presentation.

  • Click From existing presentation if you have an existing presentation that is close enough in either content or design that you can use it as a template for the new one. After you click this option, the New from Existing Presentation dialog box appears, so that you can browse to the file you want through the Look in box.

  • Click Photo Album if you want to create an album of photographs or a portfolio of other graphics images.

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In this exercise, you will use the AutoContent Wizard to create a presentation, and then you will save the results.

  1. On the Standard toolbar, click the New button. Then if the New Presentation task pane is not displayed, click the Other Task Panes down arrow at the right end of the task pane s title bar, and click New Presentation in the drop-down list.

  2. In the New Presentation task pane, click From AutoContent wizard .

    The AutoContent Wizard displays its Start page. On the left side of the page is a roadmap of the pages with the active page indicated by a green box.

  3. Read the introduction, and then click Next .

    The box next to Presentation type turns green to indicate that this is now the current page. The second page prompts you to select a presentation type. To help you identify presentation types quickly, the wizard organizes presentations by category.

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  4. Click the Sales / Marketing button.

    Presentations in the sales and marketing category appear in the list on the right side of the page.

  5. In the list, click Product/Services Overview , and click Next .

    The wizard prompts you to specify how you will display the presentation.

  6. With the On - screen presentation option selected, click Next .

    The wizard prompts you to enter information for the title slide and for footer information to be included on each slide.

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  7. Click the Presentation title box, type Training Classes , and press the [TAB] key to move the insertion point to the Footer box.

  8. In the Footer box, type The Garden Company .

  9. Clear the Date last updated check box to hide the date on each slide.

  10. Leave the Slide number check box selected so that the slide number will be displayed on each slide, and click Next .

  11. Click Finish .

    The PowerPoint presentation window appears in Normal view with content provided by the wizard in outline form on the Outline/Slides pane and the title slide in the Slide pane. The name on the title slide is the name of the registered PowerPoint user .

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  12. On the Standard toolbar, click the Save button.

    PowerPoint displays the Save As dialog box and suggests the title of the first slide as the name of the file.

  13. In the File name box, replace the selected name with AutoContent .

  14. On the Places bar, click  My Documents . Then double-click the Microsoft Press folder, double-click the Office System 2003 SBS folder, and double-click the CreatingPresent folder.

    The contents of the CreatingPresent folder are displayed.

  15. Click the Create New Folder button, type NewAuto as the name of the folder, and click OK .

  16. Click Save, or press the [ENTER] key to save the AutoContent presentation in the NewAuto folder.

    The title bar now displays AutoContent as the name of the current file.

CLOSE the AutoContent presentation.

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