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Lamm, Holger 
LAN (local area network) 
lanscan command (HP-UX) 
last command  2nd 
lastcomm command  2nd  3rd 
layers, networking 
LDAP  2nd  [See also OpenLDAP]
    data interchange format 
    distinguished name 
    email-related attributes 
    LDIF  2nd 
    objectClass attribute 
    Postfix and 
    sendmail and 
    terminology  2nd 
LDAP data interchange format  [See LDIF]
ldap_routing sendmail feature 
ldapadd command 
LDAPMAP macro 
ldapsearch command  2nd 
LDIF  2nd 
leap seconds 
leases (DHCP) 
    files listing current  2nd 
LeFebvre, William 
Leffler, Sam 
Leres, Craig 
/lib directory 
Libes, Don 
libpam_unix module (HP-UX) 
libpam_updbe module (HP-UX) 
libraries, media 
Lightweight Directory Access Protocol  [See LDAP]
lilo boot loader (Linux)  2nd 
    Windows 2000 partitions and 
lilo.conf configuration file (Linux) 
limit command 
lines of defense 
link-state routing algorithms 
    context-dependent symbolic (Tru64) 
    adding disks 
    Alpha Linux 
    boot floppy 
    boot scripts 
    buffer cache 
    cron enhancements 
    desktop selection  2nd 
    DHCP  2nd 
    disk I/O 
    disk striping 
    Dynamic DNS updates 
    /etc/sysconfig directory 
    filesystem types 
    group administrators 
    kernel location 
    kernel parameters, tuning 
    kernel, building 
    LDAP support 
    lilo boot loader  2nd 
    logical volume manager 
    logrotate package 
    LPD spooling system 
    MD5 passwords 
    memory, as data cache 
    modules, kernel  2nd  3rd  4th 
    multiple mounts 
    network interface name 
    package management 
    PAM modules 
    password controls  2nd  3rd  4th 
    password triviality checking 
    RAID facility 
    rescue disk 
    sendmail and 
    shutdown access control 
    smbfs filesystem 
    software archives 
    source code directory 
    static routes 
    syslinux, booting with 
    syslog enhancements 
    TCP/IP parameters 
    tuning tools 
    USB devices  2nd  3rd 
    user account controls 
    user-private groups 
    virtual memory manager  2nd 
Linux commands
    cfdisk  2nd 
    chage  2nd  3rd  4th  5th 
    floppy disk 
    logical volume manager 
    lsmod  2nd 
    make xconfig 
    mkfs  2nd 
    shutdown  2nd 
    yast2 (SuSE) 
Linux configuration files
    /etc/gshadow  2nd 
    /etc/login.defs  2nd  3rd 
    /etc/rc.config (SuSE 7) 
    DHCP  2nd 
    network interface 
    static routes 
    Postfix and 
    user account management 
LISA  2nd  3rd 
listen port monitor (Solaris) 
little endian 
ln command 
load averages 
load balancing 
local area network (LAN) 
local_lmtp sendmail feature 
lockd daemon 
locking user accounts 
logger command 
    backing up log files 
    boot process 
    cron  2nd 
    directory, log 
    disk usage and 
    DNS  2nd  3rd 
    firewalls and 
    logins, most recent 
    managing files 
    monitoring log files 
    rotating files  2nd  3rd 
    sendmail  2nd  3rd 
    su command  2nd 
    sudo package 
    system message file 
    TCP Wrappers and 
logical volume managers  [See LVM]
logical volumes 
.login files 
login controls 
login initialization files 
login shells  2nd 
    allowed list of  2nd 
    allowed hosts (OpenLDAP and PAM) 
    allowed locations  2nd  3rd 
    allowed times  2nd  3rd  4th 
.logout files 
logrotate package (Linux) 
loopback interface  2nd 
/lost+found directory 
low-level formatting, disk 
lp command 
lpadmin command  2nd  3rd  4th  5th  6th 
lpalt command (HP-UX)  2nd 
lpana command (HP-UX) 
lpc command  2nd  3rd 
lpd daemon 
LPD spooling system 
    access control 
    adding printers  2nd 
    configuring queues 
    managing jobs  2nd 
    managing queues  2nd 
    remote printing 
    spool directories 
    user commands 
    variations of 
LPDEST environment variable 
lpfence command (HP-UX) 
lpget command (Solaris) 
lpmove command 
lpq command 
lpr command 
lprm command 
    access control 
    classes, printer 
    configuration files 
    converting to 
    global settings 
    lpc enhancements 
    lpr enhancements 
    printer pools 
    user commands 
lprsetup command (Tru64) 
lpsched daemon 
lpset command (Solaris) 
lpstat command  2nd 
lptcontrol command (FreeBSD) 
lptest command 
lpusers command (Solaris)  2nd 
ls command  2nd  3rd 
lsacl command (HP-UX) 
lsattr command (AIX)  2nd 
lsdev command (AIX)  2nd 
lsfs command (AIX) 
lslpp command (AIX) 
lslv command (AIX) 
lsmod command (Linux)  2nd 
lsof command (FreeBSD) 
lsps command (AIX)  2nd 
lspv command (AIX)  2nd 
lssrc command (AIX) 
lsusb command (Linux) 
lsuser command (AIX)  2nd 
lsvg command (AIX)  2nd 
lsvirprt command (AIX) 
lvcreate command (HP-UX) 
lvcreate command (Linux) 
    read-ahead and 
lvdisplay command (HP-UX) 
lvlnboot command (HP-UX) 
    RAID and 
    striped volumes 

Essential System Administration
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