Improvements to the dbms_profiler Procedure


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Improvements to the dbms_profiler Procedure

The Profiler API provides services that allow you to gather and save PL/SQL runtime statistics for later analysis. The dbms_profiler procedure has been improved in Oracle Database 10g. It allows you to profile natively compiled PL/SQL code. Also, improvements have been made to ensure that the lines reported by the profiler and the actual lines in the source code are correct. Finally, dbms_profiler now flushes profile data out to the Oracle table faster at the end of the profile run.

Table Function Enhancements

Oracle Database 10g offers the following improvements to table functions:

image Projection information is passed to the table function to help it compute only the required attributes. The ODCITable interface in Oracle Database 10g is now improved so that it will communicate to the table function the list of referenced attributes. This makes the process much more efficient, since only referenced attributes are computed and set.

image Integration with the Extensible Optimizer helps produce better query plans.

image Support for anonymous return types for the AnyDataSet table functions. The describe procedure (ODCITableDescribe) now can build and return a transient anonymous type using the AnyType interfaces, such as AnyDataSet. These AnyType interfaces are generic collection types that have APIs available for both PL/SQL and C.

New Connect String Format

If you are running on a TCP/IP network, you can take advantage of a new connect string format when using Oracle Database 10g Oracle clients such as SQL*Plus. With this new connect string, all you need is the host, port, and service name of the database service that you wish to connect with. Once you have that information, you can easily connect to the database (no tnsnames.ora or naming service required), as shown here:

 C:\Documents and Settings\FREEMANR>sqlplus test/test@//rfmobile:1521/betatwo SQL*Plus: Release - Beta on Fri Dec 26 13:26:03 2003 Copyright (c) 1982, 2003, Oracle. All rights reserved. 

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