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Oracle Database 10g comes with a wealth of features that make life easier for both the old school and the new school DBAs, as you'll see in this chapter. These new features are designed to reduce the overall cost of managing the database and to make it easier for us to actually use at least three days of our generous two week vacation allotment! In this chapter we will look at these specific topics:

image Using new statistics-collection features

image Flushing the database buffer cache

image Using the Database Resource Manager new features

image Firing up the new job scheduler (known as The Scheduler)

image Learning all about user-configurable default tablespaces

image Using tablespace groups and multiple default temporary tablespaces

image Renaming tablespaces

image Dropping databases

image Taking advantage of new LOB storage limitations

image Using Automatic Undo retention

image Shrinking segments online

image Using new online redefinition features

Statistics Collection

Oracle Database 10g offers some new features to help you collect database statistics. These new features include automated collection of statistics, collection of data dictionary statistics, new behaviors associated with the dbms_stats package, and new features related to monitoring tables in the database. Let's look at these new features in more detail next.

Automated Statistics Collection

By default Oracle will create a job at database creation time that automatically collects database statistics. This job is scheduled in the database job scheduler and can be seen using the DBA_SCHEDULER_JOBS view. The scheduled job runs the stored program dbms_stats.gather_database_stats_job_proc. The statistics collection job runs as a single job scheduler program that is assigned to a window which executes the program within two different job windows. The first job window runs the statistics collection job Monday through Friday at 10 P.M. The second job


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