System.Security.Permissions (mscorlib.dll)sealed class
public sealed class RegistryPermissionAttribute : CodeAccessSecurityAttribute { // Public Constructors    public RegistryPermissionAttribute(SecurityAction action); // Public Instance Properties    public string All{set; get; }    public string Create{set; get; }    public string Read{set; get; }    public string Write{set; get; } // Public Instance Methods    public override IPermission CreatePermission(  ); // overrides SecurityAttribute }

The RegistryPermissionAttribute attribute class provides declarative syntax support for the RegistryPermission class. The All, Create, Read, and Write properties take semicolon-separated lists of registry key names that the RegistryPermissionAttribute represents as the appropriate access level. Setting Unrestricted to true represents full access to all registry keys.


System.Object System.Attribute SecurityAttribute CodeAccessSecurityAttribute RegistryPermissionAttribute

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Assembly, Class, Struct, Constructor, Method

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Programming .Net Security
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