System.Security.Cryptography (mscorlib.dll)struct
public struct RSAParameters { // Public Instance Fields    public byte[  ] D;    public byte[  ] DP;    public byte[  ] DQ;    public byte[  ] Exponent;    public byte[  ] InverseQ;    public byte[  ] Modulus;    public byte[  ] P;    public byte[  ] Q; }

This structure represents the parameters of an RSA key, expressed as a set of Byte arrays. Key parameters are exported from the RSA class with the RSA.ExportParameters( ) method. Key parameters are imported into the RSA class with the RSA.ImportParameters( ) method.


System.Object System.ValueType RSAParameters

Returned By

RSA.ExportParameters( )

Passed To

RSA.ImportParameters( )

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Programming .Net Security
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