System.Security.Cryptography (mscorlib.dll)interface
public interface ICryptoTransform : IDisposable { // Public Instance Properties    public bool CanReuseTransform{get; }    public bool CanTransformMultipleBlocks{get; }    public int InputBlockSize{get; }    public int OutputBlockSize{get; } // Public Instance Methods    public int TransformBlock(byte[  ] inputBuffer, int inputOffset, int inputCount,         byte[  ] outputBuffer, int outputOffset);    public byte[  ] TransformFinalBlock(byte[  ] inputBuffer, int inputOffset, int inputCount); }

The ICryptoTransform interface defines the basic operations of a symmetric block cipher, and is used in conjunction with the CryptoStream class to transform data. Implementations of this interface are most commonly obtained through the SymmetricAlgorithm.CreateEncryptor( ) and SymmetricAlgorithm.CreateDecryptor( ) methods.

Implemented By

CryptoAPITransform, FromBase64Transform, HashAlgorithm, ToBase64Transform

Returned By

SymmetricAlgorithm.{CreateDecryptor( ), CreateEncryptor( )}

Passed To

CryptoStream.CryptoStream( )

Programming. NET Security
Programming .Net Security
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