Chapter 2.3. Emotioneering Techniques Category 3: Dialogue Interesting Techniques

Chapter 2.3. Emotioneering Techniques Category #3: Dialogue Interesting Techniques

Give players an Insta-Pass to Your NPCs' personalities.

This chapter

focuses on making single lines of dialogue by minor NPCs interesting.

NPC dialogue often prompts action, sometimes gives crucial information, sometimes adds color,[1] and sometimes, of course, it performs two or three of these functions at once.

[1] By dialogue that adds color, I mean dialogue that gives flavor to a scene or a person, and that possibly evokes emotion, but the dialogue doesn't prompt the player to take any specific action.

No matter what the function of the dialogue, giving the speaker one or two Traits can make that dialogue a lot more interesting.

Let's see this concept applied to different types NPC dialogue.

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