The significant effort that produced this book would not have been possible without the extensive support of many people. Although it is impossible to name everyone who helped or influenced the authors during this project, it is important to specifically thank those who most directly impacted this work.

We would like to begin by thanking Dan Barnett for his work editing and, more importantly, coordinating the efforts of four extremely busy and hard-to-nail-down authors. We would like to thank Vicky Hardman, Kemer Thomson, and the other folks with the Sun™ BluePrints program for their writing and publishing support. We would also like to thank our reviewers, Jim Baty, Eric Bezille, Glenn Brunette, Dennis Govoni, Mike Habeck, Grant Holland, Jeff Johnson, Matthias Pfuetzner, Hal Stern, Michael Moore, and Edward Wustenhoff, for their time and many valuable comments.

This book has been a collaborative effort across Sun Microsystems, Inc. and our thanks go to the management teams and many fine individuals supporting N1 Grid solution efforts in Sun Client Services, N1 Grid Systems, and Global Sales Operations. The collective N1 Grid solution team at Sun is second to none and this effort simply would not have been successful without the entire team supporting it.

Acknowledgments from Jason Carolan: I would first like to thank my family and friends for their support during this project. I would like to thank Sun Microsystems for the support it has provided over the last five years and the opportunity to contribute to technology that has an impact. I would also like to thank my friends and co-workers, including the best co-authors anyone could want to write a book with. Thanks Scott, Paul, and Ed! Also, I would like to extend a special thanks to Dr. Jim Baty, my boss, for his relentless support; to Vici, Dan, Hatem, Dave, Caroline, Rob, Lynette, and CS in Superior; and to many others too numerous to list. You make this thing called "work" seem like so much fun.

Acknowledgments from Scott Radeztsky: This book captures a lot of the business, organizational, and architectural elements in my thinking these days, so I would like to specifically thank some of the people in Sun that have supported my efforts and guided my opportunities for growth to this point. My co-authors have provided constant (and usually healthy) challenges to my thinking and my opinions over the last few years, especially on the subjects of RACLs, ALUs, ADT, and Z3. Dick Krieg has been a patient guide to turn this academic into someone that is useful to take to a business meeting, and has also always encouraged me to look beyond my organization and to "do what is needed" (this book being one example). Mike Habeck has been a mentor and role model and friend since my first days at Sun. Thanks, Mike. Jim Baty has been a constant catalyst for intellectual and architectural growth, challenging me by presenting opportunities to navigate previously uncharted architecture, technology, and operations territory, and then also being a good friend to work with on those opportunities. Jerry Mays, Bret Quist, Richard Qualls, Sunit Jain, and Mike Harding have been good friends that helped expand my understanding of Sun and myself. Patti Kuzniar and Sandy Lazore were anchors on which a traveling field guy could really count. Finally, a thanks to the many delivery and engineering teams with whom I have worked to solve our customers' complex network computing problems. We worked hard to learn from and about each other and to have fun. I am forever grateful for the patient support and understanding of my family during my time away at customer sites and during this book creation effort. Ella, the time investment while Dad typed during off-work hours was yours much more than mine. Susan, what can I say? Yet once again, my wife shows me how much I am supported and loved.

Acknowledgments from Paul Strong: I should very much like to personally thank Jason, Scott, and Ed for their contributions to realizing the N1 Grid vision. Although not alone, they stand out and have helped take the dream and vision of a few and make it a reality for our customers. Ideas are good, but you need people with commitment and, in no small measure, skill to realize them and to solve real customer problems. Thanks. I'd also like to thank the N1 Grid solution marketing, engineering, CTO, and field teams who continue to work insanely hard to turn vision into customer value. Having been on the N1 Grid solution initiative for almost all of its life, the list of individuals I should really thank Sun people past and present, as well as customers and partners is just too long. So, I'll thank you all collectively. You know who you are thanks. Finally, a short dedication to my beloved daughters, Emily and Jessie, who make everything worthwhile and provide inspiration from afar, and to my darling Michele who provides inspiration and love somewhat closer to home.

Acknowledgments from Ed Turner: I would like to thank my manager Ben Hall and the Client Services Organization as a whole for their encouragement and support of this project. The N1 Grid solution marketing team deserves thanks for their always responsive help, and the N1 Aces community is thanked for being an incredible collective knowledge base. Thanks to Jason, Scott, and Paul. I've learned a lot from your collective experience. I also need to thank my wonderful children, Erin, Cate, and Ryan, for their understanding of the many nights and weekends they lost their father to this project. And most importantly, I need to thank my best friend, my love, and my wife, Mimi. Her love, encouragement, and unwavering support over the many months that were consumed by this effort, are what truly made it all possible. Thank you, my love!

Buliding N1 Grid Solutions Preparing, Architecting, and Implementing Service-Centric Data Centers
Buliding N1 Grid Solutions Preparing, Architecting, and Implementing Service-Centric Data Centers
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