Production Coordinator

Myrna Vladic, Bad Dog Graphics


Rick Gordon, Emerald Valley Graphics

Debbie Roberti, Espresso Graphics


Jill Marts Lodwig, Wendy Sharp, Jill Simonsen


Emily Glossbrenner

Tech Reviewers

Bentley Wolfe, Senior Support Engineer, Macromedia

I'm so very thankful to the people in my life that support me in so many ways. To Kathy and Ashlie, your understanding and long-suffering have not gone unnoticed. I love you both. Jobe, I can't think of anyone I would have rather have had by my side. You have a mastery of ActionScript that is pure genius. Jill Marts Lodwig, I'm so very happy that we got to work together again. Jill Simonsen, your thoroughness and intelligent suggestions and input have made a marked improvement in this book. Wendy Sharp, I'm sorry I ever doubted your wisdom about the book. I'm continually grateful to Marjorie Baer. To all the other folks at Peachpit Press that make this book something to be very proud of, I want to say thank you! And big thank you's to Justin Bratton, Edeltraud Rothmeier, and Sue Stailey (they're all my biggest fans), and my dear ol' dad, Roy Franklin, who died unexpectedly last year. I miss and love him so much!


This book would not have been possible without the constant help and support from many people. To my beautiful wife Kelly, your infinite support and constructive comments have earned you the title of Biggest Supporter! Derek, this book's artwork is sheer wizardry and your writing is brilliant! It has been a pleasure working with you from concept to design. Jill Marts Lodwig, it's been a long and bumpy road. Thank you so much for your masterful editing, great advice, and constant understanding. Thanks also to Wendy Sharp and Jill Simonsen for making my sentences coherent. The files in this book requiring server-side integration would not have been possible without the help of Mike Grundvig of Thanks Mike! Thanks also to Branden Hall of for letting us use AquaServer, an open-source socket server. And finally, Free, you are still my fluffiest supporter. Thanks for keeping my feet warm!


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