The following are very good texts on C or C++ programming and cover most of the topics from this chapter:

Carrano, F. M., and Prichard, J. J., Data Abstraction and Problem Solving with C++: Walls and Mirrors , Pearson, Harlow, U.K., 2002 .

Harbison, S. P. III, and Steele, G. L., Jr., C: A Reference Manual , Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, 2002 .

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An excellent C/C++ based web portal:

"C and C++ Programming Language Resources around the World", .

The following Internet links are a great source of information on garbage collection in general and on C/C++ based programs in particular: ;\_Boehm/gc/ ; ; .

A good overview of Java:

Bolker, E. D., and Campbell, W., Java Outside In , Cambridge University Press, 2003 .

Texts on the Java virtual machine:

Meyer, J., and Downing, T., Virtual Machine , O'Reilly, Sebastopol, CA, 1997 .

Venners, B., Inside the Java Virtual Machine , McGraw-Hill, New York, 2000 .

Memory as a Programming Concept in C and C++
Memory as a Programming Concept in C and C++
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