Closing Process Steps

PMI defines the Project Closing process as "formalizing acceptance of the project or phase and bringing it to an orderly end." For you to better understand what this means, we will provide an overview of the two subprocesses that comprise the Project Closing process in this section and then "drill down" into more detail on each process in subsequent sections.

Because there are only two processes in the Closing process group, it is not difficult to study and comprehend the material necessary to pass the exam questions pertaining to Project Closing. Table 8.1 gives a short description of the two closing steps, along with the PMBOK reference for additional information.


You must know the definitions, relationships, and key inputs and outputs for each of the two closing processes.

Table 8.1. The Two Steps of the Closing Process



PMBOK Process Reference


Verify that the work was completed suitably. Resolve any open issues and settle the contract adhering to any specific guidelines in the contract.

12.6: Contract Closeout


Document the formal acceptance of the completion of the phase or project. Collect and archive project records.

10.4: Administrative Closure

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