Chapter 5: Homeland Security Initiatives by Sector

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The National Strategy for Homeland Security has identified 13 critical sectors. The critical-infrastructure sectors identified are agriculture and food, water, public health, emergency services, government, the defense industrial base, information and telecommunications, energy, transportation, banking and finance, chemicals and hazardous materials, and postal and shipping. Each of the sectors faces a unique set of challenges to improve homeland security. This chapter covers major security-related initiatives that IT managers can help address within each sector.

5.1 Agriculture and Food

The agriculture and food sectors include the supply chains for feed, animals, and animal products; crop production and the supply chains of seed, fertilizer, and related materials; and the postharvesting components of the food supply chain, which include processing, production, packaging, storage, and distribution. The retail sales that support institutional food services and restaurant and home consumers are also considered part of the sector. Table 5.1 shows security initiatives in the agriculture and food sector.

Table 5.1: Security Initiatives in Agriculture and Food


Evaluate sector security and identify vulnerabilities.

Devise methods to address vulnerabilities.

Enhance detection and testing capabilities.

Assess transportation-related security risks.

Monitor potential infrastructure protection incentives.

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