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Back button (timeline frames )  
Background category  
background colors   [See colors/background colors]2nd   [See colors/background colors]
background images   2nd  
backward slash (\\\\) in folder pathname on Macintosh   2nd  
balloon icon  
Banner Image Builder dialog box  
Banner Image Builder extension  
base folder  
BBEdit code editor  
       browser configuration  
       CourseBuilder interactions and  
       images and  
       inserting, CourseBuilder interactions and  
       JavaScript and  
        layers and  
       library items, creating with  
       links and  
       multimedia and  
       navigation bars and  
       objects and  
       text and  
        timelines and  
       tracking, CourseBuilder interactions and  
Behaviors channel  
Behaviors icon  
Behaviors panel  
       browser configuration behaviors and  
       Drag Layer behavior and  
       Set Text of Layer behavior and  
Block category  
Border category  
       for browsers  
       CSS Border category and  
       for frames  
       for framesets  
       nested framesets and  
Box category  
broken links  
       displayed in red  
       web site planning and  
       animations and  
       border settings and  
       checking compatibility and  
       configuration behaviors for  
       CourseBuilder interactive compatibility and  
       CSS Extensions category and  
       default behaviors and  
       events and  
       extensions and  
       external resources and  
       layers and   2nd   3rd  
               layers and  
               Layout view and  
               nested framesets and  
       preferences for  
       previewing HTML documents in  
               preferences for  
       special characters and  
       support for CSS and  
       timelines and   2nd  
       viewing Shockwave objects in  
       web site planning and  
Browsers extension category  
built-in behaviors  
bulleted lists  
bullets, CSS List category and  
Button interactions  
       attaching sound behavior to  
       image fields and  
       images acting as  
       Swap Image behavior and  

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