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Call JavaScript behavior  
Cascading Style Sheets   [See CSS]
case sensitivity
       anchor names and   2nd  
       links and  
       URLs and   2nd  
       of extensions in Dreamweaver Exchange  
       in Objects panel  
       in Preferences dialog box  
       in Site Definition dialog box  
       in Style Definition dialog box  
       background images and  
       editable regions and  
               in Layout view  
               in Standard view  
       padding for  
       preference for editing  
       wrapping text within  
CFML (ColdFusion Markup Language)  
CGI scripts
       broken links and  
       site functionality and  
Change Property behavior   2nd  
Change Property dialog box   2nd  
character entities   [See special characters ]
character sets, element and  
characters   [See also fonts]
       formatting, HTML styles and  
       special   2nd   3rd  
Characters category   2nd  
Check Browser behavior  
Check In button/Check Out button  
check in/check out feature   [See File Check In/Check Out feature]
Check Page for Accessibility extension  
Check Plugin behavior  
Check Target Browsers dialog box  
Check Time/Check Tries segments  
checklist for web site construction   2nd  
       specific tasks for (list)  
checkmark icon   2nd  
Chinese, preference for double-byte characters and  
chmod command  
Choose Editable Region for Orphaned Content dialog box  
circle with slash  
Class IDs  
class selectors   2nd   3rd  
Clean Up FrontPage HTML dialog box  
Clean Up HTML dialog box  
Clean Up Word HTML dialog box  
Cleanup FrontPage HTML Sitewide extension  
Clear Paragraph Style  
Clear Selection Style  
clickable regions  
client-side image maps  
Clip option ( layers )  
Cmd key (Macintosh)  
CMI system   [See computer-managed instruction]
code   [See HTML code]
Code and Design view  
Code Colors category  
code editors, external  
Code Format category  
Code inspector   2nd   [See also Code view]
       editing HTML in  
Code pane   2nd  
       editing HTML in  
Code Rewriting category  
Code view  
       code colors preferences and  
       code format preferences and  
ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML)  
ColdFusion Server, password protection and  
ColdFusion tags  
ColdFusion.xml file  
colors/background colors
       for cells/tables   2nd  
               defaults for  
       CSS Background property and  
       custom, maintaining for individual web sites  
       for Flash Buttons  
       for Flash Text  
       for layers   2nd  
               for highlighting colors  
               for HTML code  
       of text  
       web site planning and  
columns   2nd  
       File View Columns category and  
Command key (Macintosh)  
       Dreamweaver extensions and  
       Fireworks and   2nd  
       pop-up menus and  
       table- related  
Commands -> Apply Source Formatting  
Commands -> Banner Image Builder  
Commands -> Check External Links  
Commands -> Check Page for Accessibility  
Commands -> Clean Up FrontPage HTML  
Commands -> Clean Up HTML  
Commands -> Clean Up HTML -> Remove Dreamweaver HTML Comments  
Commands -> Clean Up Word HTML  
Commands -> Create Table of Contents  
Commands -> Create Web Photo Album   2nd  
       thumbnail images and  
Commands -> Edit Command List  
Commands -> Format Table  
Commands -> Get More Commands  
Commands -> Manage Extensions  
Commands -> Optimize in Fireworks  
Commands -> Sort Table  
Commands -> Start Recording  
Commands -> Stop Recording  
Commands menu
       keyboard shortcuts for  
Comment button  
comment tags, editable regions and  
comments ()  
       caution when deleting  
Common category   2nd   3rd  
computer platforms, web site planning and  
computer-managed instruction (CMI)
       CourseBuilder interactions and  
       tracking behaviors and  
connection speed
       downloading files and  
       web site planning and  
content attribute  
content_model attribute  
contextual pop-up menus   [See pop-up menus]
Control Shockwave or Flash behavior  
Control Shockwave or Flash dialog box  
Copy Steps button  
       HTML code  
       library items between sites  
        timelines between documents  
        user interface elements  
copyright, special character for  
       HTML styles and  
core objects  
Correctness segment  
corrupted files  
CourseBuilder Interaction dialog box
       configuring interactions and  
       inserting interactions and  
CourseBuilder interactions  
       Action Manager interactions and  
       behaviors specific to  
       installing extension for  
       types of  
Create Absolutely Positioned Scrollable Layer dialog box  
Create Table of Contents dialog box  
Create Web Photo Album dialog box  
creating   [See also inserting; entries at Insert]
       .css files  
       cells, in Layout view/Standard view  
       class selectors  
       CourseBuilder interactions  
       CSS styles  
       custom commands  
       email links  
       Flash Buttons  
       Flash objects  
       Flash Text  
       HTML styles  
       ID selectors  
       jump menus  
       library items  
       links   2nd  
       menu items  
       menu separators  
       named anchors  
       navigation bars  
       pop-up menus, in Fireworks  
       pop-up messages  
       rollover images  
               in Fireworks  
       special characters  
               in Fireworks   2nd  
               in Layout view  
               in Standard view  
       Web Photo Album  
       web sites   [See sites, defining]
cross-hatched border  
CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)  
       background images and  
       cascading/inheritance and  
       cleaning up HTML code and  
       detaching templates from documents and  
       DHTML and  
       layers and  
       Reference panel and  
       roadmap summarizing use in Dreamweaver  
       selectors for  
       table summarizing operations  
       templates and  
CSS element pseudo-classes  
CSS element selector patterns  
CSS styles  
       adding to stylesheets  
               via CSS Styles panel  
       custom   [See class selectors]
       vs. HTML styles  
       preferences for creating/editing  
CSS Styles -> Edit Style Sheet  
CSS Styles category  
CSS Styles icon   2nd  
CSS Styles panel  
CSS2, downloading fonts and  
Ctrl key (Windows)  
Ctrl-click   [See pop-up menus]
curly brackets ({}) in text  
custom commands, creating  

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