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a\:active pseudo-class selector  
a\:hover pseudo-class selector  
a\:link pseudo-class selector  
a\:visited pseudo-class selector  
absolute file\:/// links   2nd  
absolute font size  
absolute position of layers  
Accessibility extension category  
Action Manager interactions  
Action Mgr tab  
actions   [See behaviors]
Actions list   2nd  
ActionScript scripting language
       Flash authoring tool and  
       Flash Buttons and  
       Flash movies and  
       vs. JavaScript  
Active Server Pages   [See entries at ASP]
ActiveX controls, inserting  
Add Behavior pop-up menu  
       Set Text of Layer behavior and  
       Show-Hide Layers behavior and  
Add to Favorites extension  
alert boxes  
               options for   2nd  
               using tables  
               using tracing images  
Allaire ColdFusion  
Alt key (Windows)  
ampersand (&)
       in email links  
       in menus .xml file  
       XHTML standard and  
anchors   [See named anchors]
animation bars  
       working with  
animation channels  
animation frames  
animation paths  
animation rate  
       playback speed and  
       tips for optimizing  
Apache, password protection and  
App Servers extension category  
arrow button for showing/hiding Site Map pane  
ASP tags  
ASP.xml file   2nd  
ASPScripts.xml file  
asset files, adding Design Notes to  
       location of  
Assets panel   2nd  
       custom colors and  
       HTML styles and  
       templates, manipulating in  
asterisk (*)
       frames and  
       indicating frame height  
Atomz Search extension  
audio, behaviors and  
authoring tools  
Authorware (Macromedia)  
Auto Indent option  
Autoplay checkbox  
autoplay for timelines  
autostretched columns for table formatting   2nd  

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