Chapter IV: Information Technology Infrastructure for Inter-Organizational Systems

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Sean B. Eom
Southeast Missouri State University, USA

Choong Kwon Lee
Georgia Southern University, USA


An IOS is an information and management system that transcends organizational boundaries via electronic linkages with its trading partners. The electronic linkage is established by information and communication technologies. Extranets[1 ]are the core technology for building IOSs. There are a host of other technologies that serve as the infrastructure for managing IOSs. They include coordination technologies, monitoring technologies, filtering and negotiating technologies (intelligent agents), and decision-making and knowledge-management technologies. In this chapter, a brief overview of each of these technologies is presented.

[1 ]Part of this chapter, extranets, is largely based on the earlier publication, Eom, S. B. (2001). Business-to-business networks. In M. Warner (Ed.), International encyclopedia of business and management (2 ed.; pp. 589– 602). London: Thomson Learning. With permission from Thomson Learning.

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Inter-Organizational Information Systems in the Internet Age
Inter-Organizational Information Systems in the Internet Age
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