Assigning Titles to Photos

Digital cameras assign sequential numeric names to photos, but iPhoto lets you add your own descriptive titles. Smart albums can look for text in titles, and iPhoto can use the titles when you design books or publish to the Web.

To assign a custom title to a photo:

  • Make sure the Information pane is showing, and then select a photo and enter a title for it in the Title field (Figure 3.36).

    Figure 3.36. To assign a title to a photo, select it and enter the name in the Title field in the Information pane.

To assign titles to multiple photos:


Select a number of photos, and choose Batch Change () from either the Photos menu or by -clicking the photos.


In the dialog that appears, choose Title from the Set pop-up menu, and then choose Empty, Text, Roll Info, Filename, or Date/Time from the To pop-up menu (Figure 3.37).

Figure 3.37. Batch Change enables you to set the titles of multiple selected photos all at once, appending numbers if you so desire.


If you chose Text or Date/Time, select the desired options in the dialog (Figures 3.37 and 3.37).

Figure 3.38. When changing the title of a photo to Date/Time, set the format in the dialog before clicking the OK button.

iPhoto changes the titles appropriately.


  • Titles stick to their photos no matter what mode you're in. So, if you assign a title to a photo in an album, that same title shows up in the Library, and when you're designing a book.

  • Keep titles short so they're easy to read in the display and Information panes and so they fit when used in Web pages.

  • Wouldn't it be nice if you could edit titles directly in the display pane? Choose Provide iPhoto Feedback from the iPhoto menu and enter your suggestion in Apple's feedback Web page.

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