Assigning Comments to Photos

It's often helpful to describe a photo briefly so you remember the original scene better. That's one good use for iPhoto's comments, and iPhoto also uses comments as descriptive text in some of the book designs.

To assign a comment to a photo:

  • Make sure the Information pane is showing, and then select a photo and type your comment in the Comments field (Figure 3.39).

    Figure 3.39. To assign a comment to a photo, select the photo and enter the comment in the Comments field in the Information pane.

To assign comments to multiple photos at once:


Select a number of photos, and choose Batch Change () from either the Photos menu or by -clicking the photos.


In the dialog that appears, choose Comments from the Set pop-up menu, and then enter the comment to attach to each photo (Figure 3.40).

Figure 3.40. Use the Batch Change command to change or append comments for a number of photos at once.


If you want to append your text to each comment, instead of replacing what's there, select Append to Existing Comments and click OK.

iPhoto changes the comments.


  • Like titles, comments stick to their photos no matter which mode you're in.

  • You can use iPhoto's spelling tools in the Comments field. For more details, see "Checking Spelling as You Type" in Chapter 7, "Cards, Books, and Calendars."

  • Resize the Comments field by dragging the size handle at the top of the Information pane and the thin line at the right edge of the Source pane.

More Tips

  • Expanding the Information pane is the only way to see more of the Comments field. iPhoto doesn't provide a scroll bar, but you can drag or use the arrow keys to scroll through too-long comments.

  • The Comments field can hold an essentially unlimited amount of text. If you need long comments, create them in another application and paste them into iPhoto.

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