Creating and Working with Folders

iPhoto 6 provides folders into which you can organize multiple albums, along with books, cards, calendars, saved slideshows and even other folders. Folders are a great way to tuck away older items you don't want to see all the time.

To create a folder:


From the File menu, choose New Folder.

iPhoto creates a new untitled folder with the name selected so you can name it.


Enter a name for the folder.

To move items into and out of folders:

  • Drag one or more items (albums, books, saved slideshows, or other folders) into or out of the folder.

    iPhoto moves the items, giving the folder an expansion triangle if necessary so you can open and close it (Figure 3.15).

    Figure 3.15. Drag items into or out of a folder to add or remove them from the folder.

To duplicate a folder and its contents:

  • -click a folder and choose Duplicate from the contextual menu that appears.

To delete a folder:

  • Select one or more folders and press , or -click a folder and choose Delete Folder from the contextual menu that appears.

    iPhoto prompts you to make sure you know what you're doing; click Delete to delete the folder and all its contents. (Figure 3.16).

    Figure 3.16. Confirm that you really want to delete both the folder and its contents.

  • Select one or more folders and press to delete them and their contents without being prompted for confirmation.

Facts about Folders

Folders can take a bit of getting used to:

  • When you select a folder in the Source pane, the display pane shows all the photos from all the albums, slideshows, books, cards, and calendars inside that folder.

  • When you delete a folder, you delete the items (albums, books, and so on, though not the original photos, of course) inside it as well. Be careful!

  • All items in the Source pane, including folders, must have unique names, so you can't have both a saved slideshow and a folder with the same name.

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