Creating and Modifying New Film Rolls

Whenever you import photos into iPhoto, it creates a film roll to hold them, and in early versions of iPhoto, that was that. Now, however, you can create new film rolls and move photos between film rolls.

To create a new film roll:


In the Library, select one or more photos (Figure 3.12).

Figure 3.12. Select some photos, as I've done with the first two of Tristan; then choose Create Film Roll from the File menu.


From the File menu, choose Create Film Roll.

iPhoto creates a new film roll using the selected photos (Figure 3.13).

Figure 3.13. iPhoto creates a new film roll using the selected photos and organizes it according to the dates of the photos.

To move photos between film rolls:

  • Select one or more photos and drag them on top of another film roll's name.

    iPhoto moves the photos to the destination film roll (Figure 3.14).

    Figure 3.14. Drag photos from one film roll to the name of another to move them.


  • Creating new film rolls is a great way to break up a too-large import into groups of related photos.

  • By default, the new film roll picks up the dates of the photos you've added to it, which may mean that it sorts higher or lower in your Library than you expect.

  • You must drop the selected photos on the film roll's name, which highlights as your pointer moves over it. Dropping the photos inside the film roll won't work.

  • Although you might think otherwise, you can't use the Edit menu's Cut or Copy command with the Paste command to move photos between film rolls.

  • If you drag all the photos out of a film roll, it disappears entirely.

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