Importing from Files

If you used a digital camera before you started using iPhoto, you probably have a collection of photos already on your hard disk. iPhoto can import these files in several ways.

Ways to import files into iPhoto:

  • From the Finder (or some photo cataloging applications), drag the desired files or folders into iPhoto's display pane or Source pane (Figure 2.7).

    Figure 2.7. The easiest way to import files into iPhoto is to drag the desired files or folders into the display pane or the Source pane, as I've done here.

    iPhoto starts importing the images. If you want to halt the import, click Stop Import (Figure 2.8). When the import finishes, the photos appear in the display pane.

    Figure 2.8. iPhoto shows the photos being imported during the import.

  • From the File menu, choose Import to Library (). In the Import Photos dialog, navigate to your images, select the desired file(s) or folder(s), and click Import (Figure 2.9).

    Figure 2.9. To import existing image files into iPhoto, choose Import to Library from the File menu, navigate to your images, select the desired files, and click Import.


  • Hold down or to select multiple files in the Import Photos dialog.

  • By default, iPhoto copies the files you import, so make sure you have enough hard disk space before starting.

  • If you drag a file or folder into the Source pane, iPhoto imports the photos and creates an album, but you must drag into just the right spot below most of the albums, such that a thick line surrounds the Source pane. You can also drag photos into a specific album to import and add the photos to that album.

  • iPhoto retains the EXIF camera information stored with images along with filenames you've given the images.

  • If you import folders, iPhoto creates and names a new film roll for each folder.

Supported File Formats

iPhoto can import images in any file format supported by Apple's QuickTime technology, including BMP, GIF, FlashPix, JPEG, MacPaint, movies (read-only), PICT, PNG, Photoshop, RAW (at least some flavors), SGI, Targa, and TIFF.

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