Importing from a Card Reader

Importing images via a memory card reader works almost exactly like importing from a digital camera.

To import from a card reader:


Connect your card reader to your Mac using USB or FireWire, as appropriate.


Insert your memory card.

iPhoto automatically launches and switches into import mode.


If you wish, enter a name and description for the new film roll that will be created by the import. You can also do this later.


To have iPhoto erase your card after importing, click the Delete Items from Camera After Importing checkbox.


Click the Import button.

iPhoto starts importing the photos, showing the images and a progress bar. Click Stop Import to stop if necessary.


To remove the memory card from the card reader, first click the eject button next to the card's name in the Source pane, and then eject the card from the card reader (Figure 2.5).

Figure 2.5. Before removing a memory card from your card reader, click the eject button next to the card's name in the Source pane.


  • When using a card reader, you may be able to preview your pictures in the Finder's column view (Figure 2.6). You can also drag files from the card into iPhoto to import them manually.

    Figure 2.6. For a quick look at a photo on a memory card, make sure you're in column view (the rightmost of the View buttons), navigate to where the images are stored, and select one to see a preview.

  • If you delete pictures from the memory card before importing into iPhoto, eject and reinsert the card before importing to avoid confusing iPhoto.

  • Never eject the card while importing!

PC Card Adapters

If you use a PowerBook with a PC Card slot, you can buy an inexpensive PC Card adapter for your memory cards. Then, instead of mucking about with a bulky USB card reader, you can insert your memory card into the credit card-sized PC Card adapter, and then insert the PC Card adapter into the PowerBook to import the photos on the memory card.

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