Importing from a Kodak Photo CD or Picture CD

One way to get digital images from a film camera is to order a Kodak Photo CD or Picture CD (Photo CDs have higher resolution scanned images than Picture CDs) when you have your film developed. If you do that, you can import pictures from those CDs directly into iPhoto.

To import from a Photo/Picture CD:


Insert the Photo or Picture CD into your Mac's optical drive.

iPhoto should launch and switch into import mode automatically.


Click the Import button (Figure 2.10).

Figure 2.10. To import photos from a Kodak Photo CD or Picture CD, insert the disc and click the Import button.

iPhoto starts importing the photos, showing pictures and a progress bar. Click Stop Import to halt if necessary.


  • iPhoto imports images from Photo CDs at the highest resolution available on the disc (usually 3072 x 2048).

  • You can't erase the contents of the CD after importing, because Photo CDs and Picture CDs are read-only.

  • You can also import files from Picture CDs manually by importing files from the Pictures folder on the disc. Don't try to import the entire disc or you'll end up with many unwanted files to delete.

  • It's possible to copy files from Photo CDs for manual importing, but you can't see the necessary Photos folder on the disc in Mac OS X. Certain Mac OS X utilities may also be able to see the folder.

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