Importing from an iPhoto Disc

iPhoto helps you protect your photo collection by making backup copies to CD or DVD (see "Backing up Your Photos," later in this chapter). Should something go wrong with your main iPhoto Library, you can restore your photos from these backup discs.

Also, friends or relatives who use iPhoto might send you discs of photos; although you can view photos from the disc, if you want to edit a photo or create a book, you must first import the desired images.

To import from an iPhoto disc:


Insert the iPhoto disc into your Mac's optical drive and switch to iPhoto.

iPhoto displays the disc in your Source pane (Figure 2.11).

Figure 2.11. iPhoto discs appear in your Source pane with any albums on the disc showing up under the disc name.


Select one or more photos or albums, and then drag them to your Library album to import them just into the Library, into an album to import them and add them to that album (Figure 2.12), or to the bottom of the Source pane to import them and create a new album.

Figure 2.12. The easiest way to import pictures from an iPhoto disc into iPhoto is to drag the desired photos into an album, as I've done here.

iPhoto starts importing the photos, showing the images and a progress bar. Click Stop Import to halt if necessary.


  • Importing from an iPhoto disc works almost exactly the same as copying photos from a shared photo album.

  • iPhoto should perform duplicate checking, just as with the other import methods, though it often fails.

  • Dragging a disc's album to the bottom of the Source pane copies the album to your iPhoto Library.

No Keywords from iPhoto 5

Unfortunately, iPhoto 5 did not save keywords when burning to an iPhoto disc, which makes importing from an old backup disc less desirable if you've put much effort into keywords. Luckily, iPhoto 6 fixes the problem, including keywords on iPhoto discs and importing them along with photos.

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