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Easy Card
edit mode 2nd
editing [See also cropping photos, aspect ratios and.]
     Adjust panel for
     Apple ID settings
     aspect ratios
     avoiding excessive
     black point
     black-and-white or sepia photos
     book text
     brightness 2nd
     contrast 2nd
     cropping photos
     duplicating photos
     enhancing photos
     exposure 2nd
     in external editor 2nd 3rd
     Levels histogram 2nd
     photo dates
     photos on book pages
     RAW files
     reducing red-eye 2nd
     retouching photos
     reverting to original photo 2nd
     rotating photos 2nd 3rd
     selecting portions of photos
     setting preferences for
     shared photos
     slide photos
     smart albums
     straightening photos 2nd
     temperature adjustments
     tools for
     unable to edit imported photos
     white point
     zooming photos
Effects panel 2nd
electronic edition of book
     .Mac address for
     sending photos via
enhancing photos
EXIF (Exchangeable Image File) data 2nd
exporting photos
     by dragging
     steps for
     to Finder folders
     to QuickTime
     to Web pages
     adjusting 2nd
     viewing data on
external editors 2nd 3rd

iPhoto 6 for Mac OS X. Visual QuickStart Guide
iPhoto 6 for Mac OS X
ISBN: 0321423313
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2004
Pages: 225
Authors: Adam Engst

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