Entering Import Mode

It's easy to bring your photos into iPhoto no matter where they may originate because iPhoto offers four different importing approaches, all of which switch you into import mode automatically. The only time you need to switch into import mode manually is if you switch modes after connecting a camera but before clicking the Import button to start the actual import.

Ways to enter import mode:

  • Connect your digital camera to your Mac's USB port and turn the camera on. iPhoto need not be running; it launches automatically if necessary (Figure 2.1).

    Figure 2.1. After you attach a camera or insert a media card, it shows up in the Source pane automatically.

  • Insert your camera's memory card into the card reader. iPhoto need not be running; it launches if necessary.

  • From iPhoto's File menu, choose Import to Library (). iPhoto displays an Import Photos dialog from which you can select a file, a folder, or multiple items before clicking Open.

  • From the Finder, drag and drop one or more files or an entire folder of images into the iPhoto window or onto the iPhoto icon in the Dock.


  • The Last Roll album remembers the last set (or sets, if you wish; see iPhoto's Preferences window) of images you imported. Click it to see just those images (Figure 2.2).

    Figure 2.2. To see the last set of images you imported, click the Last Roll album.

  • iPhoto tracks every import as a separate film roll (choose Film Rolls from the View menu if you're not seeing them). Film rolls are a useful automatic organization tool, but appear only in the Library album.

Launching Automatically

iPhoto launches automatically only if you allow it to do so. The first time iPhoto runs, it asks if you want it to launch automatically from then on. If you agree, iPhoto takes over for Image Capture as the application that launches when you connect a camera; see "iPhoto and Image Capture," in this chapter, for more details.

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