Appendix B. Resources

As of this writing, most resources available for Macromedia Flash are specific to Flash MX 2004. However, because the Flash community is very good at keeping pace with new versions, the resources listed in this appendix will undoubtedly update to include Macromedia Flash 8 in no time at all.

Online resources are extensive and useful when it comes to answering very specific needs to your Flash-related queries. Forums, e-mail lists, weblogs (blogs), and tutorial-based websites are important parts of the Flash community. In recent years, the Flash-related blogs have popped up everywhere. These web pages journal the experiments and learning of many great Flash minds in the community. Searching the Flash blogs is a great way to find out about others who are going down the same path you are and learn a bit more each day. Most of them even allow you to comment on each entry that is made.

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