There are many great resources on just waiting to be found. Here are some useful links from the site that will help you when working with this bookand even more so when you're finished with it.

Download Software:

Download trial versions or purchase software from this location.

Developer Center for Flash:

The Flash Developer Center offers many great articles and resources for you each and every week. From articles to tutorials, to papers and sample applications, you will never run out of great things to read and try for yourself.

Tech Notes (Flash):

The Tech Notes are a great resource if you're running into problems or want to find out some tips and tricks for Flash. Think of the Tech Notes like a great big FAQ in a way. If you have "issues" with Flash, this is the place to go for some support.

Macromedia Exchange:

The Macromedia exchange is where you can either upload your own components and extensions, or find them for download. Although many are free, some are for purchase.

Third-Party Extensions:

This is a list of Macromedia's latest third-party extensions. This page links to extensions you might want to try installing or purchasing. Macromedia teams up with companies that develop useful extensions that help you get more out of Flash.

Wish List:

The Wish List is where you can go to either report bugs or send a note saying what you most want to see added to Flash. If you have great ideas for the softwareor find a bug to reportfill out this form, which is sent to the Flash team for examination.

User Groups:

User groups are a great way to meet other people developing content using the Macromedia product line. Find a group in your local area or start your own.

MX News Aggregator (MSNA):

MX News Aggregator for Macromedia and community blogs. Start here for the extensive Flash blog circuit and find the latest news on everything Macromedia-related.

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