Technical and Content Contributor Training

There are two types of training curricula that need to be developed: technical and content contributor. The technical track will target your technical staff, largely made up of your development staff responsible for implementing CMS. However, keep in mind that running a Web site is more than a development effort your network security and data center folks will also want to understand how CMS integrates with the current technical infrastructure. When looking for training programs, you should certainly consider the Microsoft certified training courses. In addition, there are a number of commercial firms that offer short fix-priced engagements targeted at providing practical experience by allowing your staff to work with professionals who have implemented the tool.

Now, training your content contributors is a little trickier. Unlike training your technical staff, teaching your business users the tool is not useful. Most courses are structured to use a sample site, which will bear no resemblance to your new Web site. As a result, the training program will not be very effective in teaching your content contributors how to use this tool in conjunction with your Web site. Remember, what the content contributors see is not CMS but your Web site using CMS functionality; there will be many features that are not "native" CMS. For example, you may implement a feature that allows a business user to simply click a link that reads "Click Here to Add Another News Story." In the background, you programmatically pick the appropriate template and create the posting in the current channel. In this case, you are technically using standard CMS functionality, but it is not something a commercial course would teach. Consider developing your own custom course for your site. In addition to being able to teach the specific steps that a content contributor must take to add new content to your site, you will be able to dramatically reduce the training time required; most commercial courses are at least five days, with a heavy emphasis on technical training.

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