In this chapter, we focused on setting up user rights in the CMS environment. Setting up user rights is an integral step in configuring the publishing environment in CMS. Configuring the publishing environment consists of two stages, as follows:

  1. Creating and configuring containers

  2. Assigning user rights to these containers

We discussed creating containers in Chapter 9; then, in the previous chapter, we looked into configuring containers. In this chapter, we concentrated on user roles and setting up user rights on containers. In order to set up rights on a container for a user, you need to perform the following three steps:

  1. Create a CMS rights group within a role you want to assign to the user on this container.

  2. Add the Windows 2003/2000/NT user or security group account to the CMS rights group.

  3. Assign this rights group to the container.

In the next chapter, we will continue with site administration and talk about the Server Configuration Application.

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