Chapter 18. Using the Server Configuration Application

The Server Configuration Application (SCA) provides a Web-based interface for configuring the content server component in the CMS installation. The SCA is first run during the CMS installation. However, the SCA is independent of the installation and can be run at any time to configure the server. If you are running multiple CMS servers in a clustered environment, then each server must have an SCA.

The SCA can be run locally or remotely. In order to use the SCA, you must be a local administrator on the computer that is running the CMS server.

Two types of parameters can be configured using the SCA.

  • Local settings apply to a CMS server running on the same computer as the SCA. A local setting is indicated by an icon of a terminal.

  • Global settings apply to all CMS servers in a cluster. A global setting is indicated by a globe icon in the SCA. The global setting is stored in the CMS database and affects all servers in the cluster that point to that database, unless individually overridden with a local setting.

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