Appendix B. Oolong Reference

Oolong is an assembly language for the Java virtual machine, based on the Jasmin language by Jon Meyer. It is designed to allow you to write programs at the bytecode level without having to mess about with individual bytes.

Sections B.1 and B.2 document the Oolong assembler and the Gnoloo disassembler. They are used to create and edit class files using the Oolong language. Section B.3 describes the DumpClass program, which is used to print a byte-by-byte deconstruction of a class file.

These programs are written in Java, using the Java 1.0.2 platform. They should be compatible with any current Java platform.

The Synopsis heading of each section, which describes the usage of the programs, assumes that you have a program called java which implements a Java virtual machine. This is the name of the JVM implementation which comes with Sun's Java Development Kit. Different JVM implementations use different names.

Section B.4 provides a reference to the Oolong syntax. Section B.5 is an alphabetical listing of all Oolong instructions.

Programming for the Java Virtual Machine
Programming for the Javaв„ў Virtual Machine
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