Configuration Example: Static Routes

Figure 7-1 shows the network topology for the configuration that follows, which shows how to configure static routes using the commands covered in this chapter.

Figure 7-1. Network Topology for Static Route Configuration


The host name, password, and interfaces have all been configured as per the configuration in the Chapter 6 configuration example.

Boston Router



Boston#config t


Boston(config)#ip route

Configures a static route using the next-hop address

Boston(config)#ip route


Boston(config)#ip route




Boston#copy run start


Buffalo Router



Buffalo#config t


Buffalo(config)#ip route s1

Configures a static route using the exit interface

Buffalo(config)#ip route s0




Boston#copy run start


Bangor Router



Bangor#config t


Bangor(config)#ip route s1

Configures a static route using the default route



Bangor#copy run start


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