Keyboard Help

The keystrokes described in Table 5-1 are meant to help you in your editing of the configuration. Because there are certain tasks that you want to do over and over again, Cisco IOS Software has in place certain keystroke combinations to help make the process more efficient.

Table 5-1. Keyboard Help

(carat symbol; above the 6 key) See next row for an example

Shows you where you made a mistake in entering a command

Router#confog t




% Invalid input detected at '^' marker.


Router#config t




Moves cursor to beginning of line

Moves cursor back one word

(orleft arrow)

Moves cursor back one character

Moves cursor to end of line

(or right arrow)

Moves cursor forward one character

Moves cursor forward one word

Moves you from any prompt back down to privileged mode

Indicates that the line has been scrolled to the left

Router#terminal no editing Router#

Turns off the ability to use the previous keyboard shortcuts

Router#terminal editing Router#

Re-enables enhanced editing mode (can use above keyboard shortcuts)

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