History Commands

or (up arrow)

Recalls commands in the history buffer in a backward sequence, beginning with the most recent command

or (down arrow)

Returns to more recent commands in the history buffer after recalling commands with key sequence

terminal history size number See the next row for an example

Sets the number of commands in the buffer that can recalled by the router (maximum number is 256)

Router#terminal history size 25

Router will now remember the last 25 commands in the buffer

Router#no terminal history size 25

Sets history buffer back to 10 commands, which is the default


The history size command provides the same function as the terminal history size command.

Be careful when you set the size to something larger than the default. By telling the router to keep the last 256 commands in a buffer, you are taking memory away from other parts of the router. What would you rather have: a router that remembers what you last typed in, or a router that routes as efficiently as possible?

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