Promotion and Measurement

It pays to advertise; but you pay first.


A hit, a very palpable hit.

--Osric, Hamlet,Shakespeare

In this chapter we will discuss some issues that become relevant after an Internet communication effort has been developed. Both discussions focus primarily on Web-based communications activities, but some of the concepts could be applied to e-mail activities as well.

The issues include the promotion of an Internet communications effort and the measurement of an effort once it is under way. Promotion describes the act of telling somebody about something. In this case, we need to tell our targeted audiences about a Web communication effort in order to engage them.

Measurement involves reviewing data from different sources to analyze the status of our efforts. Data can include technical data and impersonal and personal information captured through our communications activities. A positive aspect of Internet communication is that the technology provides several methods for in-depth capturing, profiling, and reviewing of activities. This captured information can be used to improve presentations, engage audiences, and fulfill wants, needs, and desires.

Exploring Web Marketing and Project Management
Exploring Web Marketing and Project Management
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