Test Your Thinking

Chapter 5: Test Your Thinking

The projects in this section use the skills you've acquired in this chapter. The answers to these projects are available to instructors only through a Prentice Hall sales representative and are intended to be used in classroom discussion and assessment.

1)Brainstorm connections between your audience and the solutions that the organization provides to its targeted audience. What connections exist that can be used to develop a creative strategy?
2)Develop a creative theme utilizing a look and feel that appeals to the target audience. What is the single sentence that describes your big idea?
3)Decide how text and visuals can be used in the creative presentation to fit the creative theme. Which will play a bigger role?
4)What branding elements may be included in the presentation?
5)Consider how your site engages and presents to its audience, making it a good Web site. Why will your site be sticky for its audience?

Exploring Web Marketing and Project Management
Exploring Web Marketing and Project Management
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