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When you import a bitmap into Flash, you can do many things with it. Let's say you want to import a bitmap and edit that bitmap in Flash. Not possible, you say? Well, to some extent you're correct. You certainly get very limited options, but it is possible. First, import a bitmap and break it apart using CTRL-B. Next, activate the Lasso Tool and then the Magic Wand modifier. Now select any point on the bitmap and you'll notice that like colors are selected around that point. You can now do anything you want with that selected area as you would any shape in Flash.

You can also adjust the way the Magic Wand works by clicking the Magic Wand properties modifier to the right of the Wand itself. You can change the color threshold to define how closely surrounding pixel colors must match to be included in the selection, as well as adjust the smoothness of the edge of the selection. The Magic Wand only works for bitmaps that are broken apart.

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