Null Sound

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You may have many sounds and music tracks in your Timeline that you want to sync up with your animations. Although we've already discussed how to do this using the Stream sound method for an individual sound, the drawback to that method can be an increased file size. To force all your sounds (even Event sounds) into Streaming mode while reducing file size by about 90%, you can use the Null sound method.


Create a .wav or .aif sound file called null.wav or null.aif that is 0.1 seconds long and import it into Flash. This can be done with any sound editor. Place this null sound on its own layer in the Timeline you want to keep in sync and set the sound to Stream instead of Event. Now set it to Loop. Doing this keeps all the animation in sync with the sounds, and even Event sounds on the same Timeline will be thrown into Streaming mode. Check out a full tutorial at

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